The Aeon Labs Smart Power Strip is a well made and easy to use Z-Wave enable power strip. It has four receptacles that can be individually controlled via Z-Wave commands and two receptacles that are always on. In the Bitdog Remote mobile app, the power strip is shown as five switches. The first switch will control the other four together as a unit.

Although this is a very nice power strip, I had a problem thinking of something useful to do with it. It wouldn’t be fast enough to create a flashing Christmas light display. I thought it might be useful if I had a complex aquarium setup or hydroponics rig. Finally, I did come up with a useful application. I decided to use it with my work bench. I have a lot of equipment on my bench and this will allow me to power on and off sections of the bench individually without having to reach down behind or underneath the bench.

Leave me a comment below and let me know if you’re interested in this type of power strip or have bought one and what you plan on using it for.