Continued from IFTTT & Twitter Fun – Part 1.

In part 1 of this three part series I described how to connect your account to IFTTT. In this post I will describe how to create an FTTT applet that will send tweet events from Twitter to Bitdog Hub.

Connect Twitter Channel in IFTTT

This will require that you have a Twitter account and hook that account to an IFTTT channel.

Log into your IFTTT account on and find the Twitter service


When you select the Twitter service IFTTT will ask you to connect it.


Enter your Twitter credentials to link the IFTTT channel with your Twitter account and you are ready to create a new IFTTT applet.


 Create an IFTTT applet

Let’s create an applet that will monitor Twitter for anyone tweeting with the hashtag #iotrocks. When someone does. the recipe will send an event to our Maker channel that will post the event to Bitdog Hub.

On navigate to My Applets and click the New Applet button.


The first part of creating an applet is selecting which service to monitor for an event. Select “this” to choose the source service for this applet.


Search for the Twitter service and select it as the source service for this applet.


Choose what on Twitter will trigger an event. Select “New tweet from search“.


Tell the trigger what to search for in new tweets. Type “(#iotrocks)” and click “Create trigger


We have finished the first part of the applet. New tweets from Twitter that contain the hashtag #iotrocks will trigger new events. Lets configure what happens when an event is triggered.

Click “that“.


Search for the Maker Webhooks service and select it.


Choose the action “Make a web request“.


You will be presented a form to fill in about the details of the web request. Bitdog makes this easy by automatically generating the values for these fields in the Bitdog Remote app.


Open Bitdog Remote on you mobile device and select “IFTTT” from the main menu.


Select “Create Inbound Example


The generator will create a unique secure URL, authentication key and message for you to use with the IFTTT Maker Action.


Copy the values from the mobile app into the Make Web Request form in IFTTT.


You can add ingredients to the three value fields in the body that will be passed back to the Bitdog Hub when this applet fires.


The applet is complete and will start triggering events when you tweet with the hashtag #iotrocks. IFTTT Twitter channel triggers do not happen very quickly so you might have to wait quite  a bit after a tweet before it fires. If you followed the steps to setup your Bitdog Hub from part one of this series, you should see events coming to your Bitdog Hub when this applet fires.

In the next post we will discuss the IFTTT extension in detail.