Bitdog is an open source home automation platform with cloud support. There are several parts to the Bitdog platform.

Bitdog Hub

The Bitdog Hub is an open source automation hub based on Node.js. We picked Node.js to develop on because it was the simplest development environment for novice programmers to learn. JavaScript is simple and approachable, only thing needed to start is a text editor. Node.js also has wonderful package support via NPM. This allows the hub to be easily extensible with an addition of any one of NPM’s thousands packages.

With Bitdog Hub we have included OpenZWave support for Z-Wave devices. Hundreds of available Z-Wave products can be controlled directly by the Bitdog Hub without any custom code required. The power of the Bitdog Hub is that you can, of course, add any custom code you see fit.

 Bitdog Cloud

The Bitdog Hub is designed to operate independently while augmented by power of Bitdog Cloud services. Bitdog Cloud services provide secure integration with other cloud services like Amazon Echo, IFTTT, Bitdog Data Lake, Bitdog Dashboards, and Bitdog Remote mobile application.

The Bitdog Cloud has geo diversified data centers providing services to regions around the globe. Continuous security and backup protection make the Bitdog Cloud a leader in secure home automation platforms.

Bitdog Data Lake

Automation intelligence requires data that can be accessed at the speed of light. Bitdog Data Lake services work in conjunction with Bitdog Cloud services to store data and provide real-time data analytics. These services provide data for dashboards and automation services.

Bitdog Dashboards

Users are able to create charts and graphs using data captured by the Bitdog Hub. Nearly any data can be consumed and analyzed, whether its Z-Wave data on power usage of an appliance or data coming from custom wired sensors attached to a Raspberry PI, it is possible to graph data so that it can be visualized and understood.

All these powerful features are included with a Bitdog subscription. We have attempted to make using these sophisticated services quick and easy to use even for the most novice hobbyist .Allowing hobbyist everywhere to enjoy the convenience of home automation while learning the basics of the Internet of Things.